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Advances and Challenges in Computational General Relativity



Poster presentations will be held on Saturday from 10:00 - 11:00 and 15:00 - 16:00 outside room 190, Barus & Holley.

A complete list of poster titles and abstracts can be found here

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Frank LofflerLouisiana State UThe Einstein Toolkit
Debananda ChakrabortySUNY BuffaloA multi-domain hybrid method for head-on collision of black-holes in particle limit
Zhoujian CaoChinese Academy of ScienceEffects of the third body on binary black hole (PDF)
Philipp MoestaAEIThe merger of small and large black holes (PDF)
Nigel BishopRhodes UInitial data transients in binary black hole evolutions (PDF)
Jonathan ThornburgIndiana UComputing extreme mass ratio inspiral waveforms with m-mode regularization (PDF)
Richard KriskeU of MinnesotaHorizon of the Universe, how well does it work with the Big Bang?
Justin McKennonU Mass DartmouthHardware Accelerated Simulations of Extreme Mass Ratio Black Hole Binaries
Nestor Ortiz MadrigalU. of Mexico at MoreliaConformal diagrams for the gravitational collapse of a spherically symmetric dust cloud
Larne PekowskySyracuse UThe NINJA-2 project (PDF)
Shawn WalkerLouisiana State UMesh Generation With Large Deformations and Topological Changes (PDF)
Michael PuerrerU. of ViennaA new method for reducing orbital eccentricity of binary black-hole initial data
Nathan Johnson-McDanielPenn StateConstructing more astrophysically realistic binary black hole initial data (PDF)
Nick TacikCITAA parameter space investigation of junk radiation in binary black hole simulations
Milton RuizUniversity of the Balearic IslandsConstraint preserving boundary conditions for the Z4c formulation of general relativity (PDF)
Christian ReisswigCalifornia Institute of TechnologyGravitational wave extraction in simulations of rotating stellar core collapse
Garav KhannaU Mass DartmouthHigh-accuracy simulations of extreme-mass-ratio black hole binaries in the time-domain (PDF)
Satya MohapatraU Mass AmherstObserving the orbital hang-up effect in a binary black hole merger through a gravitational wave burst search (PDF)
Patricia SchmidtCardiffTracking the precession of a black-hole-binary systems (PDF)
Curran MuhlbergerCornell UBasis functions for neutron star interiors (PDF)
Daniel HembergerCornell UControl systems in binary black hole evolutions (PDF)
James van MeterNASA GoddardComputing the spin of a black hole in numerical relativity
Gerhard ZumbuschJenaGalerkin schemes in general relativity
Alex BenedictU New MexicoFast Waveform Extraction from Blackhole Perturbations
Sarah CaudillLouisiana State UStatus of the search for gravitational wave ringdowns from perturbed black holes