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Formal office hours will be held 9-11 Wednesday mornings (Room 028 in the basement of 182 George St). Please contact through email to arrange independent meetings as necessary.


Getting started with C++ quickly

The main challenge in this course is going to be quickly getting started writing code in C++. To do this, we will be following the text "Accelerated C++" by Andrew Koenig. While the formal workload of this course is designed to be lighter than most classes, in the first month of the class it will be necessary to quickly get up to speed and this will require a degree of self-motivation and academic maturity from students.

For those with no C/C++ experience, I suggest as free options either Code::blocks or using the gcc command line compiler. An overview of the compilation process will be provided on the first day of class, but as a starting point I suggest getting a compiler set up and running on your own computer as soon as possible by following the following tutorials.

Getting "Hello World" running using Code::blocks

Handling multiple cpp files within Code::blocks



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