Math CoOp

A math outreach program.

Who are we?

The Math CoOp, founded in January 2014, is a volunteer-run organization, comprised of students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty who share a common passion for math outreach. We meet roughly on a monthly basis to discuss mathematics and develop presentations at all levels. We then go make these presentations at schools and other venues whenever we have an opportunity to do so.

All our materials, including presentations, activity worksheets, etc., are designed to be open-access and we welcome anyone who wants to use these materials to use them to make presentations in their local communities.

If you are a student or post-doctoral fellow interested in joining the CoOp, or an educator in the New England area who would like one of us to present at your institution, please contact us.


Get in touch

Please email Prof. Kavita Ramanan with any inquiries about the Math CoOp.

Sample Presentations

Below are some samples of our presentations. Feel free to use these to present to students at schools in your own locality. Hover over the images to see information on the presenter and appropriate school level for the presentation.

These presentations have been presented at schools, mostly in the Providence-Boston area.

These presentations have not yet been presented by our group ...