My interests are all over the place, so links to papers, lecture notes and slides from recent talks are organized by area. Some articles appear in more than one list.

Publications organized by area

Dynamical systems and integrable systems.

Fluid mechanics.

Kinetic theory, phase transitions, materials.

Models of turbulence.

Random matrix theory and numerical linear algebra.


Slides and texts of recent talks

Building polyhedra by self-assembly, (AMS Fall 2017). Informal description in the Notices of the AMS.

Stochastic Loewner evolution with branching and the Dyson superprocess, (PCMI July 2017). Video of the talk may be found here . The underlying SPDE and Loewner theory is described in Vivian Olsiewski Healey's thesis (May 2017). The related preprint is available on request, its not quite ready for full circulation since I want to fine tune several estimates.

Harish-Chandra's integral, the Calogero-Moser system and the complex Burgers equation. (CMSA, Harvard, Jan 2017). This talk is on the `standard' U(N) integral and contains a new Lax pair. My student Colin McSwiggen is developing a similar, but more general asymptotic description for HC integrals over compact, semisimple Lie groups.

Kinetic theory of grain boundary networks , last updated Oct. 2016.

Complete integrability of shock clustering , last updated Oct. 2015.

Conservation laws with random data and the equation free method , Dec. 2015.

How long does it take to compute the eigenvalues of a random matrix, last updated April 2016.

Lecture notes

Mathematics and Materials. Edited with Mark Bowick, David Kinderlehrer and Charles Radin. Vol. 23, IAS/Park City Mathematics Series, AMS/SIAM (2017).

A quick introduction to kinetic theory. Lectures at Hebrew University, University of Chicago and TIFR, 2016-2017.

Statistical theories of turbulence. Graduate course Spring 2016, last updated April 2016).

Random matrix theory. Graduate course Spring 2015, last updated April 2015.

Partial differential equations graduate sequence in 2005-2006.
2005 notes.
Conservation laws.
Translation of Hopf's paper on Navier-Stokes