Brown University

As a graduate student at Brown University, I have been involved with the following student groups:
Some of the other main service activities I contribute/have contributed to are summarized below.

Flyer for BMCM 2016
Brown MCM (Fall 2015 - Spring 2017)
The Brown Mathematical Contest for Modeling (BMCM) is a local undergraduate contest in mathematical modeling for undergraduate students that I organized in Fall 2015 and Fall 2016. The contest will continue to be offered annually by the Brown University SIAM Chapter. This local competition gave Brown undergraduates a chance to work on open-ended research questions for part of a weekend in teams of three students. The top two qualifying teams were sponsored by the Division of Applied Math to participate in the COMAP International MCM contest, held in January of each year.
Check out the great performances of the Brown teams at the 2016 MCM (Honorable Mention, Honorable Mention) and 2016 ICM contests (Outstanding Winners) and 2017 ICM (Outstanding Winners)!

Math CoOP (ongoing)
The Math CoOP is a group of students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty (led by Professor Kavita Ramanan) who share an interest in mathematical outreach. We design interactive presentations on mathematical topics and applications aimed at age groups ranging from kindergarten to college students. We give these presentations at schools and programs in the Providence-Boston area to encourage students to be curious and enthusiastic about math. I have given the following presentations:
Alumni Panel on Jobs in Academia & Industry (Fall 2015)
This panel brought back to Brown's campus some of the Division of Applied Math's doctoral graduates, working in either academia or the industry. This event (which I co-organized) was attended by many graduate students in the Division and beyond.

Peer Mentor at the International Graduate Student Orientation (August 2016)
Advised international graduate students on strategies to adapt to life in Providence and at Brown.

Volunteer for the Brown Market Shares Program (Fall 2016)
Volunteered a shift to help facilitate grocery pickup through the Brown Market Shares programs.

Organizing Activities

Co-Organizer of two-part Minisymposium on Mechanisms of Intracellular Transport and Cell Organization at SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, Snowbird, UT (May 2017).

Organizer of Minisymposium on Modeling of Mechanisms of Intracellular Transport at SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences, Boston, MA (July 2016).

Co-organizer of Workshop on Agent-Based Modeling, Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University, Providence, RI (March 2015).

Providence, RI

English for Action (Fall 2014 - Fall 2016)
EFA is a learning community aimed at helping immigrant families in Rhode Island obtain their high-school diploma through NEDP, the National External Diploma Program. I volunteered as an instructor and facilitator of the beginning math pre-NEDP classes.

NECAmP Volunteer at Hope High School (Summer 2013)
The Hope High School in Providence, RI set up a program for tutoring high school students who scored low on the NECAP mathematics exam. I helped students go through practice tests and build mathematics skills to perform better when retaking the exam.

Duke Admissions Volunteer in the Providence area (2013-2017)
As part of the Duke Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee, I offered more than 10 high school students in the Providence area the chance to find out more about the school during their admission process.

Swing Dancing:

I have also been a part of the Brown Swing Dancing Club.