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Work on the Statistics of Images

Benoit Mandelbrot taught me two fundamental facts about the statistics of the world. The first is that univariate statistics can be expected to be normal only if they are averages of many independent variables. This is the heuristic converse to the central limit theorem. The second is that when space or time is involved, most phenomena show self-similarity (with suitable powers) under scaling. In the 90's through the lectures I was giving my students on vision, I came to realize how strongly both of his principles were realized in images: the distribution of values of the convolution of (i) random images of the world and (ii) any zero mean filter with small support has heavy tails and its histogram doesn't change if you average and down-sample the image. The background to this page, by the way, is Gaussian noise whose power spectrum is intermediate between white noise and scale-invariant noise (1/f2)

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