SIAM Grad Seminar

Welcome to the SIAM Grad Seminar! This is the place for APMA grads to meet, learn what goes on in the department, share their current reaserch or just talk about some interesting math. The seminar takes place once a week and will include free food, so come along and enjoy yourself with some friends, math and pizza. Undergrads who are curious about the department and what math research lookslike are also welcome to attend.

If you are a APMA grad student and have an idea for a talk please email the organisers: Juniper Cocomello and Timothy Roberts . We welcome all talks from conference practice and preparation to general interest. The seminar is a friendly atmosphere to practice your talking skills and hone your upcoming conference talk. To that end we are implementing an optional system for anonymous feedback for the speakers. If desired, the audience will be given a link to a google form in which they can provide structured feedback on the talk. Feedback is then moderated by the organisers to make sure it is constructive. But if you just want to give an easy-going and informal talk on something interesting, that is perfectly fine too.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Location: 170 Hope St, Room 108

Time: Wednesday 1-2pm

Talks are scheduled for the Fall 2022 semester. For updates, titles and abstracts please subscribe to the APMA_SIAM listserv.