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Brown Math Contest for Modeling

Please register for the contest here by January 6, 2021.
The grading rubric, information session slides, and LaTeX template are all posted here. On Sunday, January 10 at 9am ET, the contest problems will be posted there as well.

Are you interested in solving real world problems using math? Would you like to research tangible problems? Do you want to win cool prizes? Then join us for an information session for the Brown Mathematical Contest in Modeling (BMCM) to learn more! (details below)

You can find some additional information from the info sessions in these slides.

By participating in BMCM, you get to apply your math knowledge while answering open-ended research questions such as:

  • What's the best way to distribute Ebola medication?
  • Does the "Keep-Right-Except-To-Pass Rule" work optimally in all traffic conditions?
  • Develop a feasible water strategy for Saudi Arabia.

Why participate?

  • Develop real research experience,
  • Gain exposure to an international modeling contest experience,
  • Get to use applied math and computational skills you learn at Brown,
  • And win awesome cash prizes!

What is it?

The BMCM is a competition where a team of three undergraduates creates, analyzes, and writes a report on a mathematical model for an open-ended real world problem over the span of a weekend. Faculty, postdocs and graduate students in the Division of Applied Mathematics will then judge the reports on merits such as practicality of the model, and clarity of the report.
The top 2 teams from the Brown competition will be sponsored by the Division of Applied Mathematics to compete in the International MCM Competition organized by COMAP. Students from all over the world participate in this contest!
For both the local and the international contests, no travel is required and you can use any resources. You are only allowed to collaborate with members of your team.

When is it?

Information sessions:

  • Monday, November 30 at 3pm
  • Wednesday, December 2 at 8am
  • Thursday, December 3 at 10pm

BMCM (local contest):

The competition will be taking place January 10 at 9am ET to January 16 at 5pm ET. The problems will be posted on this page (and emailed) at 9am on Sunday, January 10.

MCM (international contest):

Any team can participate in the international contest, which will be held from February 4-8th, 2021. The top 2 qualifying teams will have their registration fee sponsored by the Division of Applied Mathematics.


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