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The Brown University Pattern Theory Group was founded in 1972 by Ulf Grenander. Since then many others, from Brown and elsewhere, have participated. Below is a partial listing of these participants.

Brown University Faculty

Elie Bienenstock, Brown University
Compositional Models, Neuroscience

Stuart Geman, Brown University
Machine and Natural Vision, Compositionality, Statistics

Basilis Gidas, Brown University
Bayesian Statistics, Computer Vision, Computational Molecular Biology

Ulf Grenander, Brown University
Pattern Theory, Object Recognition for cluttered scenes, Computer Vision

Chip Lawrence, Brown University
Bayesian Statistics, Computational Biology

Donald McClure, Brown University
Image Processing, Computer Vision

David Mumford, Brown University
Pattern Theory, Image Statistics & Scale Invariance, Neuroscience, Shape Spaces

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Brown University Students and Post-docs

Eran Borenstein, Brown University
Post-doctoral fellow

Luis Carvalho, Brown University
Advisor: Chip Lawrence

Matt Feiszli, Brown University
Advisor: David Mumford

Sergey Kushnarev, Brown University
Advisor: David Mumford

Michael Lamar, Brown University
Advisor: Elie Bienenstock

Zheng Li, Brown University
Advisor: Donald McClure

Heng Lian, Brown University
Advisor: Chip Lawrence

Mario Micheli, Brown University
Advisor: David Mumford

Yanchun Wu, Brown University
Advisor: Stuart Geman

Wei Zhang, Brown University
Advisor: Stuart Geman

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Other participants

Asohan Amarasingham, Rutgers University

Yali Amit, University of Chicago
Image Analysis, Deformable Templates

Zhiyi Chi, University of Connecticut
Applied Probability, Stochastic Processes, Large Deviations

Donald Geman, Johns Hopkins University
Computer Vision, Bioinformatics, Statistical Learning

Matt Harrison, Carnegie Mellon University
Compositionality, Statistics, Information Theory, Neuroscience

Ioannis Kontoyiannis, Athens University of Economics & Business
Information Theory, Applied Probability, Statistics

Mokshay Madiman, Yale University
Information Theory and Applied Probability

Eitan Sharon, Technion - Israel Institute of Tehcnology
Computer Vision, Shape Spaces

Anuj Srivastava, Florida State University
Pattern Theory, Computer Vision, Statistics

Yuri Tarnopolsky
Pattern Theory, Chemistry, and History

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