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Recent Ph.D. Dissertations

What follows is the list of recent Ph.D. dissertations written by students who were supervised by faculty members of the group.



  1. Anastasia Anishchenko. Two Alternative Models of Neuronal Connectivity: Committed Complex Cells and Small World Networks.. Advisor: Elie Bienenstock.
  2. Ya Jin. Topics in Information Theory, Probability and Statistics. Advisor: Stuart Geman.
  3. Mokshay Madiman. Probabilistic Hierarchical Image Models. Advisor: Ioannis Kontoyiannis.


  1. Ting-Li Chen. On the Statistics of Natural Images. Advisor: Stuart Geman.
  2. Yun Gao. Statistical Models in Neural Information Processing. Advisor: Elie Bienenstock.
  3. Matthew Harrison. Discovering Compositional Structure. Advisor: Stuart Geman.


  1. Asohan Amarasingham. Statistical Methods for Assessing Temporal Structure in the Activity of the Nervous System. Advisor: Stuart Geman.
  2. Kathryn Leonard. Measuring Shape Space: Epsilon-entropy, Adaptive Coding and Two-dimensional Shape. Advisor: David Mumford.
  3. Wei Wu. Statistical Models of Neural Coding in Motor Cortex. Advisor: David Mumford.


  1. Yan Cao. Axial Representations of 3D Shapes. Advisor: David Mumford.


  1. Gershom Kutliroff. Approximation in an Adaptive Cosine Basis and Its Application to Image Compression. Advisor: Donald McClure.
  2. Conglin Lu. Curvature-based Multiscale Shape Analysis and Stochastic Shape Modeling. Advisor: David Mumford.
  3. Brian Lucena. Dynamic Programming, Tree-Width and Computation on Graphic Models. Advisor: Stuart Geman.


  1. Shih-Hsiu Huang. Compositional Approach to Recognition Using Multi-Scale Computations. Advisor: Stuart Geman.


  1. Jinggang Huang. Statistics of Images and Models. Advisor: David Mumford.


  1. Daniel Potter. Compositional Pattern Recognition. Advisor: Stuart Geman.


  1. Zhiyi Chi. Probability Models for Complex Systems. Advisor: Stuart Geman.
  2. Kevin Geoffrey Kochanek. Dynamic Programming Algorithms for Maximum Likelihood Decoding. Advisor: Stuart Geman.
  3. Christopher Nils Robertson. Tracking of Objects from Image Sequences using Lagrangian Dynamics and Nonlinear Filtering. Advisor: Basilis Gidas.


  1. Larisa Matejic. Group Cascades for Representing Biological Variability in Medical Images. Advisor: Ulf Grenander.


  1. Antonio Zelic. A Stochastic Hierarchical Model and Nonparametric Statistics Approach to Object Recognition. Advisor: Basilis Gidas.

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