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Division of Applied Mathematics (Brown University)
Visiting assistant professor

182 George St
Room: 028
Phone: 1-401-863-2143

Postal address:
Brown University
Box F
Providence, RI 02906

Email: nathaniel_trask AT brown DOT edu

Research Interests

I'm interested in studying numerical methods for PDE to enable simulation of multiscale processes for engineering applications. In the past, I've focused primarily on using RANS turbulence models for studying fuel injection and atomization in combustion applications. More recently, I've been developing a framework for robustly solving incompressible flow problems using a Lagrangian meshfree discretization. These methods allow a highly scalable approach to studying flows with moving interfaces, largely deforming boundaries, and advection dominated physics. I work with a very talented team of scientists under the CM4 Department of Energy program to develop a software library implementing these schemes and enabling applications scientists to study tricky problems arising from the mesoscale. You can see some animations of my work here; I'm primarily using these new techniques to study multiphysics problems in soft matter.
Looking good

Teaching Philosophy

To be an effective computational scientist, it is necessary to operate effectively in the intersection of theoretical numerical analysis, physics, and high performance computing; at odds with this these fields are increasingly specialized. I am very interested in teaching numerical analysis in a way that enables computational engineers to understand enough theory to implement rigorous methods efficiently on modern computing architectures.

Current projects