Dumitru Baleanu

Çankaya University, Turkey

Abstract: Advances on Fractional Dynamics of Complex Systems

Kevin Burrage
University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Abstract:  New Insights into the Electrophysiology of the Human Heart through Nonlocal Modelling

Wen Chen

Hohai University, China

Abstract:  Recent Advances on Numerical Solution of Frational PDEs

YangQuan Chen

University of California, Merced

Abstract:  More Optimal Image Processing by Fractional Order Differentiation and Fractional Order Partial Differential Equations

Diego del-Castillo-Negrete

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Abstract:  Taming Fractional Diffusion: Bounded Domains and Tempered Lévy Processes

Weihua Deng

Lanzhou University, China

Abstract:  Anomalous Diffusion, Fractional Differential Equations, High Order Discretization Schemes

Presentation: Anomalous Diffusion, Fractional Differential Equations, High Order Discretization Schemes

Kai Diethelm

GNS, Germany

Abstract: Numerical Fractional Calculus Using Methods Based on Non-Uniform Step Sizes

Rudolf Gorenflo

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Abstract:  The Fundamental Solution of the Distributed Order Fractional Wave Equation in One Space Dimension is a Probability Density

Roberto Garrappa

University of Bari, Italy

Abstract:  Exponential Integrators for Fractional PDEs

Emmanuel Hanert

Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Abostract:  Numerical Solution of the Space-time Fractional Diffusion Equation: Alternataives to Finite Differences

Bruce Henry

University of New South Wales, Australia

Abstract:  Stochastic Models for Fractional Subdiffusion with Reactions and Forcing

Sverre Holm

University of Oslo, Norway

Abstract: Deriving Fractional Acoustic Wave Equations from Mechanical and Thermal Constitutive Equations

Changpin Li

Shanghai University, China

Abstract:  High Order Algorithm for the Spatial Riesz Fractional Diffusion Equation

Fawang Liu

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Abstract Numerical Simulaiton of Fractioanl Riesz Space Nonlinaer Reaction-diffusion Models

Richard L. Magin
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Abstract: Entropy as a Measure of Non-Gaussian Diffusion in Porous Tissues

Francesco Mainardi

University of Bologna, Italy

Abstract:  On the Distinguished Role of the Mittag-Leffler and Wright Functions in Fractioanl Calculus

William McLean
University of New South Wales, Austrialia

Abstract: Discontinous Galerkin Time-stepping and Fast Summation for Fractional Diffusion and Wave Equation

Mark Meerschaert

Michigan State University, USA 

Abstract: Tempered Fractional Calculus

Shaher Momani

University of Jordan, Jordan

Abstract:  Recent Progress in the Analytical and Numerical Treatment of Partial Differential Equations of Fractional Order

Kassem Ahmad Mustapha

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Abstract:  Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Fractional Difussion Problems

Igor Podlubny

Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic

Abstract:   Matrix-based Approaches as an Emerging Framewok for Numerical Solution of Initial and Boundary Value Problems for Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations of Arbitrary Real Order

Alla Sikorskii

Michigan State University, USA

Abstract:  Correlation Structure of Fractional Pearson Diffusions

Zhi-Zhong Sun

Southeast University, China

Abstract:  Finite Difference Methods for the Time Fractional Order Differential Equations

Sabir Umarov

University of New Haven, USA

Abstract: Fractional Filtering Problem and Associated Fractional Zakai Equation

Hong Wang

University of South Carolina, USA

Abstract: Variable-coefficient Space-fractional Diffusion Equations: Mathematical Analysis and Fast Numerical Solution

Bruce West

Duke University, USA

Abstract:  Fractional Dynamics of a Decision Making Network


Santos Yuste

University of Extremadura, Spain

Abstract:  Adaptive Finite Difference Methods with Variable Timesteps for Fractional Diffusion and DiffusionWave Problems

Mohsen Zayernouri

Brown University, USA

Abstract:  A Fractional Spectral Theory for Exponentially Accurate Spectral and Spectral Element Methods