Outreach, Leadership, and Service

Brown University

Brown University Chapter of SIAM

I served as the webmaster of the Brown Unversity chapter of SIAM for the 2018-2019 academic year. We help to organize campus events which build community connections across disciplines. Some of our popular events include a panel of journal editors on the best practices for paper writing, a math modeling contest for undergraduates, and internship and postdoc panels. Previously, I have served as the president, treasurer, and secretary of the Brown University Chapter of SIAM. I am honored to have received the 2019 SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition for outstanding service and contributions to the Brown Student Chapter of SIAM.

Applied Topology and Geometry Seminar

I co-organized the Applied Topology and Geometry Seminar at Brown from 2017-2018. This seminar, which operated under the broad aegis of the Data Science Initiative (DSI), hosted a variety of speakers whose research lies at the intersection of geometry and topology with data science, biostatistics, engineering, etc. For more information, check out our webpage .

Are we putting too much faith in math?

I co-organized a reading group that focused on investigating and reflecting on the social impact of mathematical research. In the Fall of 2017 we read Cathy O'Neil's "Weapons on Math Destruction," and in the Spring of 2018 we read Bruce Schneier's "Data and Goliath."

Division of Applied Math Faculty Graduate Liaison

Stephanie Dodson, Karen Larson, and I were the Faculty Graduate Student Liaison at Brown University from 2016-2018. We orchestrated faculty-grad interactions at the Division of Applied Mathematics and communicate any concerns or questions. APMA students, if you have concerns, comments, or questions about DAM, please fill out our anonymous form.

Applied Math Undergraduate/Graduate Mentoring Program

I participated in the Brown Applied Math Undergraduate/Graduate Mentoring Program. Through this program I have mentored six undergraduate students interested in applied math. I met with these students regularly throughout the semester, helped them with course selection, and answered their questions about graduate school, REUs, and math in general.

Applied Math Graduate Student Retreat

I helped to organize the annual math graduate retreat at Brown University from 2016-2018. This retreat serves to build camaraderie among the graduate students in the division of applied math. In addition to enjoying time outside, we spend this retreat presenting our research to each other and working in small groups on an open problem or project.

Community Outreach


I reviewed submitted abstracts for the 2017 and 2018 Women In Machine Learning Workshops.

Math CoOp

As a member of The Math CoOp at Brown, I help to come up with new and fun ways to present mathematics to all grade levels. Last year, Mashall Jiang and I taught a class of elementary students about permutations and combinations through card magic tricks. This year, based on work by Joel David Hamkins, I created a presentation on graph theory for elementary school students. Feel free to take it for your own use!

Members of Historically Underrepresented Groups in Mathematics Panel

I co-organized a panel on being a member of an historically underrepresented group in mathematics for undergraduate Summer@ICERM participants. We discussed ways in which we can make math more inclusive and how to overcome biases that exist in mathematics today.

Women in Mathematics Panel

I co-organized a panel on being a woman in mathematics for the undergraduate Summer@ICERM participants. We discussed ways in which both men and women can help increase the amount of women who become successful in a STEM field, consequences of gender biases, and solutions for the fututre.

Professional Societies

  • Institute for the Quantitative Study of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (QSIDE)
  • Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM)
  • The Rose Whelan Society
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)