Spiral Waves

Spiral Wave

Spiral waves arise in a variety of natural systems, including cardiac arrhythmias. Ventricular tachycardia, a dangerous fast-paced heart rate, is a result of a sustained spiral wave rotating on the surface of the heart. After the spiral destabilizes, unorganized electrical activity leads to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) – the leading natural cause of death in the US. I am interested in the stability of spiral waves, and how spectral properties of spirals on bounded domains can provide insight into understanding SCA onset from a mathematical perspective.

Reading Group

Dr. Sandstede's reseach group participates in weekly meetings and each semester discusses a topic in dynamical systems. The topics covered are below, as well as my contributions.

Semester Topic My Subtopic Notes
Spring 2016 Nonlinear Waves: Spatial Dynamics and Fredholm Approaches
Fall 2016 Vegetation Patterns Localised pattern formation in a model for dryland vegetation Slides
Spring 2017 Data Science Data Science in Cooking Slides
Fall 2017 Dynamics and Statistics Introduction to Parameter Estimation