Govind Menon

Division of Applied Mathematics,
Brown University.
Office : Room 104, 182, George St.,
Phone : 401-863-3793
Fax : 401-863-1355
Email : lastname at dam dot brown dot edu
Office hours and advising : Wednesday, 2 pm - 4 pm (Fall 2014).

Research interests

Broadly: analysis and applied mathematics. My current work is on the formation and propagation of disorder in physical models, including:

Kinetics of phase transitions and models of domain coarsening.
Integrable systems and random matrix theory.
Statistical theories of turbulence.

One of my main goals is to construct ensembles of solutions to partial differential equations whose fluctuations are in accordance with empirical observations (for example, to describe the crumpling of surfaces or turbulence in fluids). Another theme in my work is the use of integrable systems. While integrable systems have traditionally been tied to very special nonlinear wave equations such as KdV and NLS, it is now clear that they link random matrices, growth models, quantum gravity and even number theory, in tantalizing and mysterious ways.

I am also fascinated with the idea that biology can inspire nanotechnology. I collaborate with labs that use self-assembly to design containers, devices and supramolecular assemblies. Here is a link to a brief documentary explaining part of our work.


Recent teaching

APMA 1330 Fall 2014, Methods of applied mathematics, III.
APMA 2200 Spring 2014, Nonlinear dynamical systems.
APMA 2190 Fall 2013, Nonlinear dynamical systems.
APMA 0360 Spring 2013, Methods of applied mathematics.


Associate Director, VI-MSS , ICERM.

Editorial Boards: Applied Mathematics Letters , Journal of Nonlinear Science , SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis .

Organizer, "Mathematics and Materials", summer program at the Park City Mathematics Institute in July 2014.

Undergraduate advising

I am happy to serve as an advisor for an honors thesis. My typical expectation is that you work with me for at least two semesters, commiting time equivalent to at least one class per semester. I do not fund summer "internships" for international students.

Graduate advising

As of Fall 2014, I advise three graduate students and mentor three postdocs. I am not actively seeking new students, but I expect one of my students to graduate soon. If you are a graduate student in applied math or math at Brown, and would like to work with me, please email me.