Academic positions

Professor, Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University , 2013--present.

(Associate Professor (2008-13) and Assistant Professor (2004-8).)

Van Vleck Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics , University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2001-04.

Guest scientist, Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences , Leipzig, 2000-01.

Adjunct professor, Centre for Applicable Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamenatal Research, Bangalore, 2008--2011.


Ph.D, Division of Applied Mathematics , Brown University, 2001. Advisor: George Haller.

M.S, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics , Cornell University, 1996.

B. Tech (Hons), Mechanical Engineering , IIT, Kharagpur, 1994.

Ph.D students

Yu-Lin Lin, Ph.D 2009 (mathematics). Perturbation theorems for Hele-Shaw flows and their appliations .

Ravi Srinivasan , Ph.D 2009 (applied mathematics). Closure and complete integrability in Burgers turbulence.

Christian Pfrang, Ph.D 2011 (applied mathematics). Diagonalizing random matrices with integrable systems .

Joe Klobusicky, Ph.D 2014 (applied mathematics). Kinetic limits of piecewise deterministics Markov processes and grain boundary coarsening

Daniel Johnson-Chyzhykov, Ph.D 2015 (applied mathematics), Combinatorial and geometric structure in the self-assembly of polyhedra.

Vivian Olsiewski Healey, Ph.D 2017 (mathematics) The Loewner equation with branching and the continuum random tree.

Carey Caginalp, Ph.D 2017 (applied mathematics), A derivation and analysis of the N-point hierarchy for conservation laws and multistable dynamics with white noise in the Allen-Cahn equation.

Colin McSwiggen, (applied mathematics, in progress), Asymptotics of Harish-Chandra's integral.

Michael Lee, (applied mathematics, in progress). Matrix flows and learning theory

Ching-Peng Huang (applied mathematics, in progress). TBD

Undergraduate research supervised

Susan Tolwinski, Sc.B, 2005 (physics) Ph.D 2011 (Applied Mathematics, University of Arizona), currently a postdoc at NCAR.

Margaret Ewing, AB, 2010 (mathematics). First position: Ph.D student in math at the University of Minnesota.

Andrew Furnas, Sc.B, 2011 (mathematics). First position: Marshall scholar at the University of Leeds, currently a Ph.D student at Gottingen.

Ryan Kaplan, Sc.B 2012 (mathematics-computer science). First position at Dropbox.

Andrew Kunas, AB 2012 (applied mathematics). First position at Two Sigma, LLC.

Nash Rochman, Sc.B 2013 (chemical physics). First position: Ph.D student at Johns Hopkins University .

Eric Kalosa-Kenyon, Sc.B 2015 (applied mathematics-biology). First position: Symbiota.
Collin Cademartori, Sc. B 2018 (mathematics). First position: Ph.D student at Columbia University .

Significant grants

NSF DMS 0605006, Scaling and infinite divisibility in models of coarsening and other dynamic selection problems (2006-2009).

NSF DMS 0748482, CAREER - Scaling and self-similarity in nonlinear science (2008-2013).

NSF EFRI 1022638, BECS: Engineering self-assembling systems composed of interacting patterned polyhedra: theory and experiments.

NSF DMS 1411278, Turbulence and integrability (2014-2017).

NSF DMS 1714187, High dimensional dynamical systems (2017-2020).