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Brown Chapter of the Association of Women in Mathematics

The Association of Women in Mathematics Chapter at the Division of Applied Mathematics was founded in the Fall of 2013.  The Chapter's mission is to encourage woman at Brown University to develop their mathematical talent, and to help them attain their full potential in academic and intellectual pursuits in the mathematical sciences. This year's officers are: 

Undergraduate President:  McKenna Webster

Graduate President:  Stephanie Dodson

Vice-Presidents: Amanda Zajac (Fall), Miina Jovonen (Spring)

Secretary: Anabel Tassoni

Treasurer: Karen Larson

Assistant Treasurer:  Lucy Jia

Social Media/Web:  Anna Lischke

Advertising Committee, Maria Gomez, Mae Heitmann

Faculty Sponsor: Kavita Ramanan

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Spring 2015 Events

AWM Speaker Events

Tuesday, April 21, 2015: 

Rachel Kuske, University of British Columbia. 

Title:  Complex dynamics and stochastic transitions


Other Events of Interest

Sums - Math Conference at Brown.  Please visit:



Past Events

Inspiring Women in STEM: A Panel Discussion

Fall 2014 Events included:

Office hours with baked goods: In preparation for the November 7, 2014 APMA 0350 Midterm II

November 5, 2014, 7 - 8 pm, Room 201, 333 Brook Street

Office hours with baked goods: In preparation for the November 13, 2014 APMA 1650 Midterm II

November 10, 2014, 7 - 8 pm, Room 201, 333 Brook Street

Discussion on STEM research opportunities: Pizza dinner, November 17, 5 - 6 pm, Room 201, 333 Brook Street.


Cookie Decorating: In preparation for final exams in Calculus (MATH 0050-0180) and Introductory Applied Math (APMA 0330-0360 and 1650), December 12 and 5, 2 - 4 pm, Room 110, 182 George Street. 


MATH and APMA finals while cookie decorating is organized jointly with the Rose Whelan Society for Women in Math.


Resources for Students 

Rose Whelan Society

Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

AWM Association for Women in Mathematics

Undergraduate Research Resources from the Mathematical Association of America

A Joint Hudson River and Spuyten Duyvil Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Smith College's Women in Mathematics: New England Conference for Undergraduates in Mathematics and Statistics