Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics


My general interest is in numerical analysis with an emphasis on the numerical solutions to partial differential equations. Most of my work has concentrated on the design and analysis of finite element methods including discontinuous Galerkin methods, mixed methods and hybridizable methods. Some of my earlier work focused on local error analysis of finite element methods as well as max-norm error estimates. I have also been interested inf-sup stable finite elements that preserve physical quantities of interest (e.g. conserve mass exactly, preserve angular momentum exactly). Lately I have been interested interface problems.

I was born and raised in Southern California. I earned my undergraduate degree in mathematics for California State University-Long Beach. I did my Ph.D. work under the guidance of Lars Wahlbin at Cornell University. I received an NSF postdoc to work with Bernardo Cockburn at the University of Minnesota. I started my career at Brown University in 2008 and became Associate Professor in 2013.


This past January, 2017 I had a wonderful experience teaching a course in the African Institute for Mathematics-Senegal (AIMS-Senegal).  Please take a look here for some photos.

Here are Ph.D theses I directed/co-directed.