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John Gemmer

Contact Information:

John Gemmer
NSF RTG Postdoctoral Fellow

Divsion of Applied Mathematics
182 George Street
Providence RI, 02906
Brown University

Office: Room #328
Phone: (401)-863-2114

Welcome to my website. I am an applied mathematician with very broad interests in the mathematical sciences. In my research I use techniques from analysis, variational calculus, asymptotics, differential geometry and numerical simulations to study and model phenomenon occuring in the physical sciences. More details on my research can be found here.

I grew up in central Pennsylvania (here is a link to a picture from the valley I grew up in) where I spent a lot of time playing baseball and going on adventures in the woods. In August 2001 I went to college at Millersville University of Pennsylvania where I discovered my passion for mathematics and physics. In May 2012 I earned my doctorate in applied mathematics from The Interdisciplinary Program in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona.  I absolutely love everything about mathematics and science and there is nothing I would rather be doing then furthering mathematical knowledge through research and instruction. My ultimate goal is to become a professor in a mathematics department where I can continue to learn and disseminate mathematical knowledge. In this website you will find links to past and current research projects I am working on along with links to past courses I have taught.