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David Gottlieb

Professor of Applied Mathematics
182 George Street
Phone: +1 401 863 2266
Phone 2: +1 401 863 3044
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Ph.D., Tel-Aviv University, 1972


Professor Gottlieb was born in Israel, and received his BSc MSc and PhD from Tel-Aviv University. He was an instructor at MIT and then a faculty member at Tel Aviv University. Professor Gottlieb joined the Brown faculty in 1985. His research revolves around constructing and applying high order accuracy methods for the numerical solutions of partial differential equations.


High order methods are necessary if high precision is required for the solution to be reliable. Especially if the problem under consideration is very complex and truly time dependent. In both cases it can be proved that high accuracy methods are required.

I have worked on high order finite difference schemes as well as on spectral methods. Spectral methods are based on approximating the solution by expansions using orthogonal polynomial. These methods enjoyed a lot of success in turbulence calculations as well as in meteorology. I am a coauthor of the first book on the subject.

The use of spectral methods gave rise to the development of new areas of theoretical scientific computing. In particular the issue of
convergence of interpolations was addressed by the European school. Also, in order to apply spectral methods to shock wave calculations we had to resolve the famous Gibbs phenomenon.

Spectral methods enjoyed a great success in Europe especially in France Italy and Sweden. Since 1989 there is a conference every three years in a different country. The next meeting will be in China.



NASA Group Achievement Award - as member of the ICASE numerical analysis and algorithms group. (1992)

"Docteur Honoris Causa" University of Paris VI November 23rd 1994

"Honorary Doctor" University of Uppsala, May 1996.

National Academy of Sciences, 2007.


Associate Editor of:  Journal of Scientific Computing,
International Journal of Computer and Mathematics,
Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis,
Numerical Mathematics-a journal of Chinese Universities.
Honorary President of ICOSAHOM.