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Computing and Library Resources


The Division of Applied Mathematics provides excellent local computing facilities and support and has a close association with shared university resources. The Division desktop environment is a mix of Intel-architecture PCs and workstations running the Windows and Linux operating systems. Located only a block away, the Watson Center for Information Technology (CIT) hosts Brown’s central IT organization (CIS). This organization provides help desk support for a broad range of personal, local and departmental computing and software used in education and research. The University maintains a broad range of campus-licensed software, including compilers, numerical libraries, mathematical problem-solving environments, visualization software, statistical packages and productivity software.

The Center for Computational and Visualization, Brown University’s center for shared large scale research computing and support, houses a recent IBM 200 quad node computing cluster, supported by a 400 TB parallel disk system, and more than a 1.5 PB of backup capacity. It also maintains fully integrated large shared memory computing platforms as well as a large GPU accelerated computing cluster. To complement the high throughput computing and large data facility, CCV also hosts and operates several large-scale immersive visualization displays, including a fully immersive virtual reality facility, a "Cave,” for scientific visualization and graphics research. These core computing and data facilities are integrated with the Division's desktop networks and the 10GBit campus backbone network through Gigabit Ethernet routing switches. Those in the Division of Applied Mathematics who may be in need of computing assistance, are encouraged to contact Donald Genoa (863-7598) or Stephanie Han (863-3724).


Applied Mathematics students also make use of a computing cluster located at 333 Brook Street, where tutorial and study sessions are also scheduled. The Division of Applied Mathematics is fortunate to possess a video conferencing system that is housed in a fully outfitted seminar room. This equipment permits both domestic and international teleconferenced classes, dissertations, and collaborations, especially useful in our partnership with the University of Paris VI.

Situated near the Division, the 14-story Sciences Library holds a vast store of scholarly reference and research materials, and provides a wide range of services that support study and research in the field of Applied Mathematics. This is complemented with an extensive online access library with 7000 online journals as well as numerous databases and collections.