Xin Bian (边鑫)

Born: Benxi of Liaoning, China
Tel: 401 863 1400
Office: Room 308, 170 Hope St. Providence, 02912, RI, USA.
Advisor: Prof. George Em Karniadakis

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He is a post-doctoral research associate in the Crunch group in the division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University. His current research interest is in multiscale concurrent coupling of classical particle methods at different spatial-temporal scales for simple and complex fluids. These methods include smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH), (smoothed) dissipative particle dynamics (sDPD) and molecular dynamics (MD). The couplings are within the frameworks of:

  • domain decomposition method
  • adaptive resolution scheme
  • heterogeneous multiscale method

In addition to the concurrent coupling, he tires to explore

  • a unified framework on concurrent coupling from both algorithmic and technical implementation aspects
  • correlations of hydrodynamic fluctuations at equilibrium and nonequilibrium
  • boundary conditions for various particle methods
  • parameterization of DPD, e.g., via Mori-Zwanzig formalism and Bayesian inference
  • consistency and/or conservation of SPH and SDPD

Professional Experiences


  • 11.2008 - 05.2013, Doctor of Eng., Faculty of Mechanical Engieerning, Technical University Munich.
  • 09.2006 - 08.2008, Master of Sci.(with honors), Department of Computer Science, Technical University Munich.
  • 09.2004 - 03.2006, German Language education, School of Foreign Languages, Tongji University, Shanghai.
  • 09.2002 - 07.2004, Minor of Finance, School of Economics, Fudan University, Shanghai.
  • 09.2001 - 07.2006, Bachelor of Eng.(with honors), Department of Computer Science, Tongji University, Shanghai.

Research Interests



Professional Activities

Referee for Journals

Awards & Honors

  • 02.2008, Best Poster prize at workshop of ASIM, Germany.
  • 04.2007 – 10.2008, Elite member of Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering, Germany.
  • 10.2003, Honorable mention of ACM programming contest Beijing Site, China.
  • 09.2002 – 07.2003, National scholarship first class, China.
  • 09.2001, Exempted from entrance examination for Tongji University, Shanghai, China.
  • 09.2000, First prize in national Olympiad physics competition for high school, China.

Additional Student Awards

  • 09.2001 – 07.2005, Outstanding student scholarship of Tongji University (4 times).
  • 09.2001 – 07.2004, Honor of excellent student leader of Tongji University (3 times).
  • 09.2001 – 07.2003, Social activities award of Tongji University (2 times).
  • 09.2001 – 07.2002, Ni&Li scholarship, Shanghai.


  • Mandarin, Mother tongue
  • English, Fluent
  • German, Fluent, testDaF: 5+4+4+4=17 (Test of German: similar to TOEFL for English)


Please see his hobbies here

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