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Advances and Challenges in Computational General Relativity



Application of numerical techniques to binary blackhole simulations, extreme mass ratio inspirals, waveform analysis, and alternative formulations of the Einstein equations.

The physical problems considered are rather broad, with the central theme tying them together the use and role of computational techniques and methods towards understanding General Relativity. Some goals for the workshop are

  • Results from current research programs (physical results as well as computational or theoretical advances)
  • Theoretical work in General Relativity at least partially motivated by numerical consideration (e.g. Effective one body formulations, self-force calculations, formulations and gauge choices, etc.)
  • Identify interesting and important challenges and ideas for overcoming them
  • Create an atmosphere where both applied mathematicians and physicist can share ideas
  • Generate continued interest in applying modern approaches from applied mathematics to General Relativity

Most talks will draw from current research, while a few may take a historical approach.


The conference duration is three days and is scheduled for May 20-22, 2011. It will be held in the Barus & Holley building (Room 190), located at 182 Hope St on the Brown University campus.

The Organizing Committee consists of S. E. Field (Brown), J. S. Hesthaven (Brown), and S. R. Lau (New Mexico). For the latest information please contact Scott Field ( or Stephen Lau (