I am making efforts, with my collaborators together, to develop useful tools and codes for mesh-free methods and multiscale simulations. The following codes have been released to public.

You are very welcome to download and use these open source codes.

USER-MESO package in LAMMPS:

The USER-MESO package appends new capabilities to LAMMPS for DPD simulations (beyond the classical DPD model). It includes the many-body DPD (mDPD) model for multiphase problems, the energy-conserving DPD (eDPD) model for non-isothermal dynamics, and the transport DPD (tDPD) for mesoscopic problems involving advection-diffusion-reaction processes.

Click here to download a tarball of LAMMPS.

Click here to read the user documentation of USER-MESO package.

Multiscale Universal Interface (MUI)

MUI is a C++ header-only library that integrates MPI MPMD support and an asynchronous communication protocol to handle inter-solver information exchange and to couple multiple heterogeneous solvers to perform multi-physics and multiscale simulations.

Click here to download a tarball of MUI library.

Click here to play with a few MUI-demo examples.

Click here to read the technical details of MUI.

Examples of MUI applied to coupling of different solvers:

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  SPH-DPD coupling                    FEM-DPD coupling

GPU-accelerated particle-based simulator USERMESO-2.0

USERMESO-2.0 is a GPU-accelerated extension to LAMMPS that migrates most computation workload onto GPUs and can achieve more than 20 times speedup on a single GPU over 16 CPU cores. For a typical system containing 1,000,000 particles, USERMESO-2.0 allows running 1,000,000 time steps overnight with single GPU.

Click here to download a tarball of USERMESO-2.0.

Click here to read the technical details of USERMESO-2.0.

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