On this page you will find resources for the Kobe-Brown summer school on high performance computing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nat Trask .

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Please refer to this page for announcements and information relating to the program. https://pi.ircpi.kobe-u.ac.jp/brown/HowtoUseFX10.pdf


We will update this section with more schedule details as they become available.

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Presentations given during the program will be posted here.


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Before You Arrive

To ensure that everyone is adequately prepared to begin work, we suggest that everyone make sure that they're comfortable with C/C++ at least at the level of this crash course.
If this seems daunting to you, please get in touch with either Nat or Yuhang and we'll help bring you up to speed before the course starts.

At the beginning of the program, we will cover some basics of one common parallel programming model for doing high performance computing. If you haven't seen this type of programming before, we suggest that you try to work through the following MPI beginner tutorial. If you understand the code in that tutorial and can successfully compile and run them in the command line, then you will be in good shape for the rest of the program.
When the workshop begins, we will spend a day working through some similar MPI tutorials before splitting up into group projects.