In Januarary 2017 I co-taught a course with Gerard Awanou at AIMS-Senegal.  The title of the course was An introduction to numerical methods for elliptic problems. The notes we used can be found here.  There are around 50 students at each AIMS center (there are actually 6 centers in Africa). Students spend one year at the center working on master's degree were they are exposed to a large variety of mathematical topics. Several of the lecturers are from abroad. Our course lasted three weeks.  We had students from all over Africa.


My final day at AIMS...


After playing soccer in the streets of Mbour


Students calculating the stiffness matrix for Poisson's problem


During one of the lecutres


The youngest participant


Wathcing the first game of the Africa Cup


During Lunch (we always had lunch and dinner together)


Fisherman in Mbour




African Renaissance Monument in Dakar