Pattern Theory
The Stochastic Analysis of Real World Signals

David Mumford and Agnès Desolneux

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The book is now available! The full reference is:

Pattern Theory: The stochastic analysis of real-world signals, by David Mumford and Agnès Desolneux, published by A K Peters, Ltd., August 2010.
ISBN: 978-1-56881-579-4 , hardcover, 375 pages).

The image on the cover of the book was created by Luis Alvarez, Yann Gousseau and Jean-Michel Morel, by abstract synthesis from geometrical principles.

Chapter 1:
English Text and Markov Chains

Chapter 2:
Music and Piecewise Gaussian Models

Chapter 3:
Character Recognition and Syntactic Grouping


Chapter 4:
Image Texture, Segmentation and Gibbs Models

Chapter 5:
Faces and Flexible Templates

Chapter 6:
Natural Scenes and Multiscale Analysis