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Work on Abelian Varieties

Abelian varieties are from a complex analytic point of view the simplest possible spaces — just tori and thus groups. But the curious thing is that tori don't fit easily into projective space. The sidebar shows the Kummer quartic with its sixteen double points: a 2-dimensional principally polarized Abelian variety mod inversion mapped to 3-space via |2Θ|. The interaction of an ample line bundle with the group structure on an Abelian variety is the subject of the first paper below as well as volume three of my "Tata Lectures on Theta". I think this is a surprising theory because it leads to very explicit equations both for individual Abelian varieties and for their moduli space.

I have sometimes thought that such an explicit description might have applications, e.g. to number theory. Some of the other papers concern the lifting of Abelian varieties from characteristic p to characteristic 0 and some concern the theory of locally symmetric spaces which are moduli spaces for various families of Abelian varieties.

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