Academic positions

Professor, Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University , 2013--present.

(Associate Professor (2008-13) and Assistant Professor (2004-8).)

Member, School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study , 2018-2019.

Van Vleck Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics , University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2001-04.

Guest scientist, Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences , Leipzig, 2000-01.

Adjunct professor, Centre for Applicable Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamenatal Research, Bangalore, 2008--2011.


Ph.D, Division of Applied Mathematics , Brown University, 2001. Advisor: George Haller.

M.S, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics , Cornell University, 1996.

B. Tech (Hons), Mechanical Engineering , IIT, Kharagpur, 1994.

Ph.D students

Yu-Lin Lin, Ph.D 2009 (mathematics). Perturbation theorems for Hele-Shaw flows and their appliations .

Ravi Srinivasan , Ph.D 2009 (applied mathematics). Closure and complete integrability in Burgers turbulence.

Christian Pfrang, Ph.D 2011 (applied mathematics). Diagonalizing random matrices with integrable systems .

Joe Klobusicky, Ph.D 2014 (applied mathematics). Kinetic limits of piecewise deterministics Markov processes and grain boundary coarsening

Daniel Johnson-Chyzhykov, Ph.D 2015 (applied mathematics), Combinatorial and geometric structure in the self-assembly of polyhedra.

Vivian Olsiewski Healey, Ph.D 2017 (mathematics) The Loewner equation with branching and the continuum random tree.

Carey Caginalp, Ph.D 2017 (applied mathematics), A derivation and analysis of the N-point hierarchy for conservation laws and multistable dynamics with white noise in the Allen-Cahn equation.

Colin McSwiggen, Ph.D 2020 (applied mathematics), Theory and Applications of Harish-Chandra integrals.

Michael Lee, (applied mathematics, in progress). Stochastic gradient descent and semidefinite proramming.y

Ching-Peng Huang (applied mathematics, in progress). Matrix flows and stochastic gradient descent .

Zsolt Veraszto (applied mathematics, in progress). Gradient flows and the deep linear network

Tejas Kotwal (applied mathematics, in progress). Graph embeddings and stochastic flows .

Tianmin Yu (applied mathematics, in progress). TBD.

Ayeong Lee (applied mathematics, in progress). TBD.

Undergraduate research supervised

Susan Tolwinski, Sc.B, 2005 (physics) Ph.D 2011 (Applied Mathematics, University of Arizona).

Margaret Ewing, AB, 2010 (mathematics). First position: Ph.D student in math at the University of Minnesota.

Andrew Furnas, Sc.B, 2011 (mathematics). First position: Marshall scholar at the University of Leeds.

Ryan Kaplan, Sc.B 2012 (mathematics-computer science). First position at Dropbox.

Andrew Kunas, AB 2012 (applied mathematics). First position at Two Sigma, LLC.

Nash Rochman, Sc.B 2013 (chemical physics). First position: Ph.D student at Johns Hopkins University .

Eric Kalosa-Kenyon, Sc.B 2015 (applied mathematics-biology). First position: Symbiota.

Collin Cademartori, Sc. B 2018 (mathematics). First position: Ph.D student at Columbia University .

Significant grants

NSF DMS 0605006, Scaling and infinite divisibility in models of coarsening and other dynamic selection problems (2006-2009).

NSF DMS 0748482, CAREER - Scaling and self-similarity in nonlinear science (2008-2013).

NSF EFRI 1022638, BECS: Engineering self-assembling systems composed of interacting patterned polyhedra: theory and experiments.

NSF DMS 1411278, Turbulence and integrability (2014-2017).

NSF DMS 1714187, High dimensional dynamical systems (2017-2020).

Simons Fellow (Class of 2018)