Domino tilings and flips in dimensions 4 and higher: Examples and Additional Material

This page contains additional material concerning domino tilings of regions of dimensions 4 and higher for the following preprint: Domino tilings and flips in dimensions 4 and higher, by Caroline Klivans and Nicolau C. Saldanha.

The following preprints are closely related:
On the connectivity of spaces of three-dimensional tilings
Domino tilings of cylinders: the domino group and connected components under flips
Domino tilings of cylinders: connected components under flips and normal distribution of the twist

Source code:
These are the sources for the programs used to study several examples. This was programmed by the authors for personal use. Use at your own risk:
The programs are written in C or C++. They were mostly used in Linux/Ubuntu computers but were also tested in a Mac. Some of the examples use the GNU Multi Precision library. Begin by reading the README file.