Conference Objectives


Fractional Partial Differential Equations (FPDEs) are emerging as a new powerful tool for modeling the most difficult type of complex systems, i.e., systems with overlapping microscopic and macroscopic scales or systems with long-range time memory and long-range spatial interactions. They offer a new way of accessing the mesoscale using the continuum formulation and hence extending the continuum description for multiscale modeling of viscoelastic materials, control of autonomous vehicles, transitional and turbulent flows, wave propagation in porous media, electric transmission lines, and speech signals. The aim of this first workshop in the USA on FPDEs is to cover theory, algorithms and applications. Recent activity on FPDEs has taken place mostly in China and to a lesser degree in Europe; hence we have invited our overseas colleagues to share with US researchers the new advances in the methodology and applications of FPDEs. We also expect many young US postdocs to attend the workshop, hence introducing the new generation of simulation scientists to these emerging computational methods.


Organizing Committee

George Em Karniadakis and Jan Hesthaven, Brown University, Organizers

Ernest Rothman, Salve Regina University, Local Organizer

 Ms. Madeline Brewster, Madeline_Brewster@Brown.edu, 401. 863.1414, Contact


Scientific Commitee

Wen Chen
Hohai University, China

Kai Diethelm

University of Chester, United Kingdom

Fawang Liu

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Francesco Mainardi
University of Bologna, Italy

Mark Meerschaaert

Michigan State University, USA

Igor Podlubny
Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic

Zhizhong Sun
Southeast University, China

Bruce West

Duke University, USA



Air Force Office of Scientific Research

US Army Research Office

Department of Energy/Pacific Northwest National Lab


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