2003 AFOSR Workshop on

Advances and Challenges in Time-Integration of PDE's

August 18-20, 2003

Brown University, Rhode Island, USA

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As methods for spatially representing solutions to partial differential equations mature, the current methods for temporal integration emerge as a bottleneck in many areas of large scale computational science. This is of particular concern as the emphasis in many applications and recent technologies requiring fully dynamic modeling over extended time periods.

The reasons for these shortcomings can be attributed to several sources of stiffness,

It is the purpose of this workshop to focus on these issues in more detail and, by bringing together experts in various fields, initiated a discussion on how to effectively address the significant challenges.

The format of the workshop will be as a number of 45 min long invited lectures with 15 minutes discussion time after. Those lecture will delineate the problems encountered as well as presenting a variety of existing and time-integration techniques. It will be a priority to attempt to understand the advantages and limitation of the different techniques to suggest directions in which research should be directed.


It is the intention to cover a broad range of topics of relevance to the workshop through the invited talks. Examples of planned topics are

Invited Speakers


The final workshop program is now available (pdf-file) : [Program]


The workshop will take place in

Division of Engineering
Barrus & Holley Room 190
182 Hope Street

On the Brown campus map you will find the Barrus & Holley building slightly off center to the right.


The workshop is open to all interested parties. Registration will be onsite only.

The registration fee will be $150,- . This includes refreshments during coffee breaks, workshop reception and dinner, and a copy of the proceedings.

Travel stipends will be available to offset the cost of registration. For more information, please contact the workshop secretary.

While actual registration is on site only, we strongly encourage you to indicate interest/intend in participation to assist in the local planning.

Travel and Accommodation

No special arrangements has been made regarding accommodation for participants of the workshop.

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The organizing committee for this workshop consists of


Further information and preliminary registration, please contact

Ms. Janice D'Amico
2003 AFOSR Workshop Secretary
Division of Applied Mathematics
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

Phone: (401) 863 2358
Fax : (401) 863 1355