In this chapter, you will need the following:

- In Exercise 8:
To create a Hippopotaffe and a Giramus, you first need to find images of a giraffe and a hippopotamus. You can easily find some on the web. Here are examples of such images with some chosen landmark points: a giraffe and a hippopotamus.
The second step is to compute a geodesic between 2 sets of landmark points (which can be manually selected thanks to the function ginputs.m). One set of code, developped by Joan Alexis Glaunès, for doing this is available here: the file matchLandmarks.m defines a function which computes the geodesic (calling the basic routine conjgrad.m). When this is computed, the file flow.m will compute the associated global flow of the plane. Finally, you will need the function plotresults.m to plot the results.
Here are two examples of the strange animals you will obtain: a Hippopotaffe and a Giramus.