I have moved to a postdoc position at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute. My new website with updated contact information is here: Redirect

Research Mentoring

I have worked with ten undergraduate students on research projects led by Björn Sandstede:

Academic Advsing & Mentoring

  • Brown AWM Grad-Undergrad Mentor. Spring 2016-Current.
  • Brown Freshman & Sophomore Academic Advisor. Fall 2014-Spring 2016.
    • Academic advisor to four undergraduate students for two years
    • Advisee resources available here

Advising Training

  • Sheridan Center Certificate V: Academic Advising Track, Fall 2014-Spring 2015.
    • Training and discussions on best practices for research mentoring and academic advising
  • Brown TEAM (Team Enhanced Advising and Mentoring) member. Fall 2014-Spring 2015.
    • Advising collective that provides "advice for advisors" on how to better support freshmen students from diverse backgrounds


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