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Group Meeting

For the last few years I have been part of Björn Sandstede's weekly reading group. The topics we covered during that time and the subtopics I presented on are below:

Date: Semester Topic: My Lecture Subtopic: Lecture Notes:
Spring 2017 Data Science Persistent homology
Fall 2016 Vegetation patterns Power laws in experiments & models
Spring 2016 Nonlinear waves: spatial dynamics & Fredholm approaches NA
Fall 2015 Statistical mechanics Continuum limits of microscopic models Notes
Spring 2015 Dynamics of networks Static networks Notes
Fall 2014 Traffic flow Swarming and flocking
Spring 2014 Stochastic slow-fast systems Kramer's Law: 1D flows Notes
Fall 2013 Degree & Morse theory, variational methods, Conley index Variational Methods: genus, Ljusternik-Schnirelman Summary Sheet

Course Notes & Materials for Catalyst Summer Bridge Program

  • Lecture 1: Derivatives in 1 Variable and Intro to 3D Space
  • Lecture 3: 3D Space, Contour Plots, Partial Derivatives & Gradients
  • Homework Code: Matlab code to explore how changing step size leads to a better approximation of the derivative
  • Group Work Code: Matlab code to give exposure to surfaces in 3D and contour plots
  • Final Exam


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