I have moved to a postdoc position at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute. My new website with updated contact information is here: Redirect

Contact Information

Email: alexandria_volkening@brown.edu
Phone: 401 863 2335

PhD Student
Expected graduation: May 2017
Division of Applied Math
Brown University

Office: 170 Hope St., Room 209
Office Hours: Thursdays, 10 AM-Noon

Mailing Address:
Brown University, Box F
Providence, RI 02912


Zebrafish paper in Brown News and Fusion News

Research Interests

I am a graduate student in the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University working with Professor Björn Sandstede. My research interests are in applied dynamical systems, math biology/ecology, PDEs, pattern formation, noise-induced tipping, and agent-based modelling. My thesis research focuses on exploring how patterns form on zebrafish.

Moving: I will be joining the Mathematical Biosciences Institute as a postdoc in June 2017.

Upcoming Activities

Past Activities


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