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Zebrafish Patterns

Advisor: Björn Sandstede

Zebrafish is a small fish that serves as a model organism in a range of areas, including vertebrate development and melanoma research. Its body and fins feature black and yellow stripes made up of a mosaic of pigment cells. We model the formation of these stripes using an agent-based approach on a growing domain. Our models couple differential equations for cell migration with stochastic rules for cell differentiation, death, and form changing. Our goal is to create predictive models that can help identify what changes in cellular interactions lead to mutations like spots or labyrinth patterns. We are also interested in analyzing the continuum limit, a set of non-local conservation laws.

A Volkening, B Sandstede. "Modelling stripe formation in zebrafish: an agent-based approach". Journal of the Royal Society Interface 12 (2015) 20150812.

Related research: pattern formation on zebrafish fins and stability analysis of simplified agent-based models.


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