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Infectious Diseases on Networks

Undergraduate students:  Anne Schwartz (Connecticut College)
                                         Joshua Rubin Abrams (University of Arizona)
Grad student co-advisor:   Veronica Ciocanel
Advisor:                             Björn Sandstede

The focus of this Summer 2015 REU project is on lifting diary-based data on a college social community up to a much larger network that can be used to study disease spreading. Our goal is to identify the key components of the real-world data and preserve the structure in the lifted network. We then study how different types of edges (social, home, work, etc.) influence disease transmission.

JR Abrams, A Schwartz, V Ciocanel, A Volkening, and B Sandstede. Influenza spread on context-specific social network. In revision (December 2016). Preprint


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