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Pattern Formation on Growing Zebrafish Fins

Undergraduate students:   Madeline Abbott (Macalester College)
                                          Dorothy Catey (University of Idaho)
                                          Neil Chandra (Brown University)
                                          Bethany Dubois (Brown University)
                                          Francesca Lim (Brown University)

Advisor:                             Björn Sandstede

Wild-type zebrafish develop stripes on both their body and fins as they grow from larvae to adults, and these characteristic patterns are thought to form due to the interactions of several types of pigment cells on the fish skin. While wild-type stripes appear the same on the body and fins, mutations in which the pattern on the zebrafish body is altered without impacting the fin stripes suggest that different cellular mechanisms are at work in these two domains. Motivated by this observation, the goal of this project is to extend our original agent-based model for zebrafish body patterning to simulate the development of stripes on the caudal (back) fin of zebrafish. We study how different means of growth impact the patterns that develops due to the birth, death, and movement interactions of black and yellow cells (agents) on a caudal fin-shaped domain.

Related research: pattern formation on the zebrafish body and stability analysis of simplified agent-based models

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