Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics

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Grants and Awards

  1. 2015- National Science Fundation, ``Numerical approximation of functional differential equations'', in preparation, (single PI).
  2. 2015- Defence Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), ``Scalable framework for hierarchical design and planning under uncertainty with application to marine vehicles'', in preparation (co-Investigator).
  3. 2014-2015 Defence Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), ``A new mathematical framework for design under uncertainty'', $500k (co-Investigator)
  4. 2014-2017 Army Resarch Office (ARO), ``Numerical methods for propagating uncertainty across scales and for hybrid stochastic-deterministic systems'' $330k (co-PI)
  5. 2014-2017 Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), ``Goal-oriented PDF methods for uncertainty quantification'', $270k (single PI).
  6. 2014-2017 Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), travel grant to foster a new exchange program between US and Italy in the context of the Italy-US Science and Technology dialogue started in May 2013, $16k (single PI).
  7. 2008 University of Bologna (Alma UE), ``Effective stochastic approaches for efficient dimensionality reduction and simulation of fluid flows and heat transfer under uncertainty'', $10k (single PI).
  8. 2005 University of Bologna (Alma UE), ``Modeling uncertainty in convective heat transfer simulations'', $10k (single PI).
  9. 2002 Division of Engineering at the University of Bologna, travel grant for developing the graduation thesis in foreign countries, $16k (single PI).

Participation in Funded Research Projects

  1. 2012 DOE (USA), ``Modeling Mesoscale Processes of Scalable Synthesis''.
  2. 2012 NSF-DMS (USA), ``New PDF methods for stochastic dynamical systems and stochastic partial differential equations: theory and numerical algorithms''.
  3. 2010 DOE (USA), ``Stochastic nonlinear data-reduction methods with detection and prediction of critical rare events''.
  4. 2009 OSD/AFOSR MURI (USA), ``Multi-scale fusion of information for uncertainty quantification and management in large scale simulations''.
  5. 2009 NSF-DMS (USA), ``Overcoming the bottlenecks in polynomial chaos: algorithms and applications to systems biology and fluid mechanics''.
  6. 2008 DOE/PNNL (USA), ``Stochastic analysis of advection-diffusion-reactive systems with application to reactive transport in porous media''.
  7. 2007, 2009 PRIN (Italy), Research Project of Relevant National Interest, ``Heat exchange optimization in finned tubes with water condensation on air side''.
  8. 2005 PRIN (Italy), Research Project of Relevant National Interest, ``Transport phenomena analysis in heat exchangers under unsteady conditions''.

Consulting Experience

  1. 2010, Design and development of the algorithm for the shadow-free bi-axial solar tracking system (photovoltaic applications) implemented by the company Biasol Automation (
  2. 2010, Research project on fluid dynamics of granular flows funded by ACMA GD ( - tobacco and packing machines division.
  3. 2007, Design and development of mathematical models to study the time dynamics of a wet-air vacuum system patented by the company DVP Vacuum Technology (
  4. 2005, Research project on heat pipes and closed-loop thermosyphons funded by AAVID (