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RTG Postdoctoral Fellows

Photo of John Gemmer
John Gemmer (2013-)
Research interests: analysis, variational calculus, asymptotics, differential geometry and numerical simulations
Photo of David Kaspar
David Kaspar (2014-)
Research interests: probability, PDEs, statistical mechanics
Photo of David Lipshutz
David Lipshutz (2013-)
Research interests: dynamics, stochastics, delay differential equations

Graduate Fellows

Photo of Paul Carter
Paul Carter (2014-)
Research interests: travelling waves, lattice dynamical systems, geometric singular perturbation theory
Photo of Vivian Healey
Vivian Healey (2013-2014)
Research interests: probability, connections to combinatorics, random matrix theory
Photo of Sameer Iyer
Sameer Iyer (2014-)
Research interests: PDEs
Photo of Dane Johnson
Dane Johnson (2012-2014)
Photo of Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson (2013-2015)
Photo of Elizabeth Makrides
Elizabeth Makrides (2013-)
Research interests: localized patterns, snaking, spatial dynamics
Photo of Kelly McQuighan
Kelly McQuighan (2012-2014)
Research interests: localized patterns, oscillons, spatial dynamics, scientific computing
Photo of Andrew Nixon
Andrew Nixon (2012-2013)
Research interests: calcium dynamics, deterministic and stochastic modelling
Photo of Laura Slivinski
Laura Slivinski (2012-2014)
Research interests: data assimilation, Lagrangian dynamics, stochastic modeling, scientific computing
Photo of Alexandria Volkening
Alexandria Volkening (2014-)
Research interests: pattern formation, zebra fish, mathematical biology


Photo of Constantine Dafermos
Constantine Dafermos
Research interests: hyperbolic conservation laws
Photo of Hongjie Dong
Hongjie Dong
Research interests: elliptic and parabolic PDEs, probability, numerical methods
Photo of Paul Dupuis
Paul Dupuis
Research interests: applied probability, control theory, large deviations, numerical methods, stochastic systems and networks
Photo of Yan Guo
Yan Guo
Research interests: nonlinear waves, kinetic theory, PDEs
Photo of Justin Holmer
Justin Holmer
Research interests: dispersive equations, harmonic analysis
Photo of John Mallet-Paret
John Mallet-Paret
Research interests: dynamical systems, delay equations, lattice dynamical systems
Photo of Govind Menon
Govind Menon
Research interests: self-similarity, scaling laws, turbulence, self-assembly
Photo of Kavita Ramanan
Kavita Ramanan
Research interests: probability and stochastic processes; Gibbs measures and phase transitions; stochastic networks
Photo of Boris Rozovsky
Boris Rozovsky
Research interests: stochastic partial differential equations
Photo of Bjorn Sandstede
Bjorn Sandstede
Research interests: dynamical systems, ordinary and partial differential equations, nonlinear waves and patterns
Photo of Walter Strauss
Walter Strauss
Research interests: nonlinear waves, Hamiltonian PDEs
Photo of Hui Wang
Hui Wang (Associate)
Research interests: probability, importance sampling