Melissa McGuirl receives Teaching Award

Melissa McGuirl

Melissa received the 2018 Archambault Teaching Award for Brown's summer session. The citation states that "Melissa’s incredibly strong student reviews speak volumes about what she as an instructor was able to accomplish with her students." (November 2018)

Stephanie Dobson is featured in DSWeb

Cell Systems

Stephanie Dodson wrote a contribution for the featured student section of DSWeb. (November 2018)

SIADS paper accepted

mRNA localization

Veronica Ciocanel's paper on mRNA localization in Xenopus laevis oocytes with Kimberly Mowry's lab was accepted by SIADS. We develop a model for mRNA transport that indicates that anchoring of mRNA may be necessary to achieve complete localization and that anchoring of mRNA complexes actively transported to the cortex is most effective in achieving robust accumulation at the cortex. (October 2018)

Cell Systems paper published

Cell Systems

Stephanie Dodson published a paper with Adam Cohen's lab in Cell Systems. The paper studies how geometry affects the propagation of electrophysiological waves in networks of engineered electrically excitable cell lines with gap junction-mediated electrical coupling. We compared the in vitro dynamics with the behavior observed in coupled Hodgkin-Huxley models. (October 2018)

Brown received three NSF Tripods+X grants

Gene regulatory network

Brown's Data Science Initiative was awarded three Tripods+X grants through its Tripods Phase 1 Institute that focus on gene regulatory networks (Brown, Duke, Montana State, and Rutgers), data and neuroscience (Yale, Brown), and data science education (Brown, Smith, Valparaiso). (September 2018)

Nature Communications paper published

Nature Communications

Alexandria Volkening's second zebrafish paper has been published in Nature Communications. In this paper, we develop a model that allows us to assess interactions of pigment cells, and in particular of iridophores which were only recently implicated in zebrafish stripe formation. We identify a set of mechanisms governing iridophore form that is consistent across a range of empirical data. Our model also suggests that the complex cues iridophores receive may act as a key source of redundancy, enabling both robust patterning and variability within Danio. (August 2018)

Data Science Initiative

Data Science Initiative

In July, I became the next Director of Brown's Data Science Initiative (DSI) — an exciting opportunity to help shape a relatively new enterprise at Brown. DSI's mission is to facilitate and conduct domain-driven and fundamental research in data science; increase data fluency and educate the next generation of data scientists; and explore the impact of the data revolution on culture and society. (July 2018)

Margaret Beck and Toan Nguyen received AMS Fellowships

Margaret Beck and Toan Nguyen

Margaret Beck was awarded the Joan and Joseph Birman Fellowship for Women Scholars, and Toan Nguyen received an AMS Centennial Fellowship. Congratulations to both! (May 2018)

HSTEM Summit at Yale

HSTEM Summit Poster

On April 29, Victoria Chavez, Gabriel Reyes, and I attended a Being Human in STEM (HSTEM) event at Yale University. This summit focused on Brown’s Race and Gender in the Scientific Community course and two HSTEM courses at Amherst and Yale. Brown’s course was also featured in an article in SIAM News. (May 2018)