HomCont, jointly developed with Alan Champneys (University of Bristol) and Yuri A Kuznetsov (Utrecht University), is a numerical toolbox for homoclinic bifurcation analysis. It is designed for use with AUTO written by Eusebius Doedel (Concordia University).

Specifically, HomCont deals with continuation of codimension-one heteroclinic and homoclinic orbits to hyperbolic and saddle-node equilibria, including the detection of many codimension-two singularities and the continuation of these singularities in three or more parameters.


HomCont has been incorporated into the following AUTO and XPP versions:

Instructions for the installation and usage can be found in the relevant AUTO manuals available for download below in the References section; the manual for AUTO-07P can be found as auto/07p/doc/auto.pdf in the downloaded AUTO-07p source code. You may also find the Online guide to AUTO constants [maintained by Sjors van der Stelt (CWI Amsterdam)] useful.


I posted a recent AUTO tutorial on the computation of localized patterns.