APMA 2200: Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications (Spring 2011)

Class information

Instructor:Björn Sandstede
Office:Room 325 in 182 George Street
Office Hours:Tuesdays 4-5, Thursdays 10-11, and by appointment
Class meetings:Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30-3:50 in Wilson Hall 104

Course material

This course is a continuation of APMA 2190 and provides a rigorous introduction to ordinary differential equations, studied from a dynamical-systems viewpoint, and their applications to problems in ecology, chemistry, mechanics, and physics. Depending on the audience, I will cover some or all of the following topics plus additional material:


No textbook is required. Some of the material covered in the course can be found in the following list; additional references will be provided in class: