Statistical Neuroscience Lunch Meetings

Since I work at the intersection of statistics and neuroscience, I was desirous of creating a strong statistical neuroscience community of graduate students at Brown University in order to spend time with other students passionate about these areas, exchange ideas with them, learn new statistical tools together, or simply enjoy a good meal together. This feeling was stengthen by the fact that both neuroscience research and applied maths research at Brown are excellent.

Out of this desire, I started Statisitcal Neuroscience Journal Club in July 2015. We got a generous funding from Brown Institue for Brain Sciences for these lunch meetings.

Since then, we have been meeting weekly for discussions, presentations and tutorials in the area of statistics/machine learning applied to neuroscience.

I would like that these meetings create a space for people at Brown University, who work in the area of computational neuroscience, to meet, spend time together, join forces, learn and thrive together.

Please take a look at our webpage .