I was born in Belgrade, Serbia. I was fortunate to attend Mathematical High School. The school provided us with everything we needed to concentrate on studying mathematics. However, the most enriching was perhaps simply the chance to be with other students, exceptional in mathematics, physics and computer science, and who were above all, great people.

Being also very passionate about France, French culture, mathematics and new challenges, I moved to France to pursue my undergraduate studies in their unique and prestigious system of Classes Preparatoires and Grandes Ecoles. This education system is highly competitive, to read more about it click here. The schools I went to are: Lycee Prive Saint Genevieve and Ecole Centrale Paris.

Education and the experience I got in France were truely wonderful. They led me to continue my academic development in the United States, where I am now, pursuing a PhD in Applied Mathematics at Brown Univeristy in Providence, Rhodes Island.

You can see my resume here .