Applied Maths Alumni Panel

September 26th, 2015 - Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University

Veronica Ciocanel, Al Volkening, Kristina Mallory and myself organized a panel where we invited seven PhD Alumnae from our department of Applied Maths at Brown. These Alumnae now work in various fields and we wanted to provide an opportunity for current students to hear from Alumnae about their experience with grad school, career choices, as well as about valuable habits and attitudes. We also wanted to create an opportunity for current students to network in the perspective of a future job or a postdoc but also an opportunity for the Applied Maths PhD Alumnae to come back to Brown for one day and see again some familiar faces and meet new ones.
Our Applied Maths Alumni Panelists were:
-Nick Costanzino (Investment Analytics Quant at AIG Asset Management, NYC)
- Dahlia Nadkarni (Akmai Technologies, Boston)
-Christian Pfrang (Morgan Stanley- Boston Consulting Group)
-Luis Carvalho (Boston University)
-Jasmine Foo (University of Minnesota)
-Jessica Libertini (Virginia Military Institute)
-Kelly Mcquighan (Boston University)
They spoke with us very openly and shared lots of great and very valuable advice:

General advice.

"Cherish contacts with people in the grad school."
"Find out who you are and don't let anyone/anything hold you back."
"Don't be afraid to approach people in grad school- professors, other students etc and ask them for advise concerning your reserach or a future job."
"Seize opportunities to expose your ideas- by presenting at the graduate students seminars, by going to conferences, etc"
"Seize the time you have in grad school: all you have to do here is to learn. This is a unique such opportunity in your life."
"Get a car and travel on weekends."

Job search?

"Know yourself. Know what are your priorities (sit down and think what are your priorities), know what you want and what you like."
"It's easy to be overwhelmed by the wisdom of your professors but you need to know what YOU want for yourself, not to blindly follow their suggestions."
"Don't be anxious! Career is a path!!"
"If you end up with a job that you don't like, enjoy it! This is an experience that will allow you to better know yourself and what you don't like."
"Believe in yourself. Know to sell yourself and know to do this to different audiance."
"Finding a job shouldn't be like a high-school romance: "I will be what Bill wants me to be". Instead, find yourself, find who you want to be. Once you find it, find someone (i.e. company) that wants you to be who you want to be."

Time management in grad school?

"Leave empty time for a creative space."
"Figure out what schedule works best for you. Maybe it's working on 9 to 5 shift every day."
"You are not paid to work 72 hours per week, so really, there is no need to overwork."
Here are some of the photos of the event: