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Some Travel Reports

Travel is one of the wonderful perks of being a Professor. I want to thank all my colleagues in England, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, Vietnam and especially India who have welcomed me and showed me such friendship. Mathematics is now a fully international community for the first time in history. The background here is the American University of Beirut where Michael Atiyah has been helping them create a Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences (CAMS). I have written a few reports on this:

  • Mathematics in the Near East, some personal observations, Notices of the AMS, May 2005
    Link to Notices and Digital reprint.
  • The Wolf Prize and Supporting Palestinian Education, Opinion piece in the Notices of the AMS, Sept. 2008, p.919.
    Link to Notices and Digital reprint. There were also two critical letters to the Editor and my responses in the November issue, pp.1368-1369. Digital reprint.
  • Passages to India, Hyderabad ICM issue of the Mathematical Intelligencer, 2010. Some personal reminiscences of visits that changed my life.
    Digital reprint