Photo of Kelly McQuighan
Division of Applied Mathematics (Brown University)
Ph.D. Candidate, expected May 2014

182 George St
Room: 020
Phone: 1-401-863-3113

Postal address:
Brown University
Box F
Providence, RI 02906

Email: kelly_mcquighan AT brown DOT edu

Research Interests

I am a graduate student working under the advice of Björn Sandstede (Brown University, USA).

I am interested in studying pattern formation in diffusive systems. In particular, my thesis is concerned with the formation of oscillons - time periodic, spatially localized structures. Oscillons have been observed experimentally in periodically forced reaction-diffusion systems.

In my thesis I use both analytical dynamical systems methods and numerical computations using the continuation software AUTO. These two approaches are complementary and provide different insight into the formation of oscillons.

I am also interested in scientific computing. I took several courses on numerical analysis of PDEs and high performance computing during my Master's level work at Brown. Most recently, I was a course organizer and group mentor for the Kobe University/ Brown University joint high performance computing summer school.

Computer Skills

C/C++, Matlab, Java, MPI, ScaLAPACK

Upcoming Activities

  • August 11-14, 2014. SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures, Cambridge MA. Poster presentation.
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