Heyrim Cho Ph.D


I am currently at University of Maryland, College Park as a brin Postdoc. I will be on the job market soon!

************************* I graduated the Division of Applied Math at Brown University, working with George E. Karniadakis in the CRUNCH group. My research interest is in numerical methods for uncertainty quantification, both computationally and theoretically. I have been developing numerical methods for probability density functions (PDFs) and studied various systems with this approach from stochastic dynamical systems to nonlinear PDEs that generates random shocks. I am also working on series expansion methods to represent multi-correlated random processes and to model the uncertainty propagation across multiple domains.

I received my B.S. in Applied mathematics and M.S.in Mathematics from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute on Science and Technology), worked with Professor Chang-Ock Lee.


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